TRANSEAL KC71 EPR High Voltage Insulation Tape is a highly conformable, self-fusing ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), high insulting tape. KC71 is used for main insulation applications of cable and other electrical devices up to 69KV

  • Electrical insulation jacketing in splices of solid dielectric cable up to 69kV.
  • Building stress cones in terminations of solid dielectric cable up to 35kV.Jacketing of indoor terminations, Moisture sealing electrical connections.
  • Bus bar insulation and corrosion protection, End sealing high-voltage cables.

TRANSEAL KC72 EASIREPAIR Wrap structural material is an ideal solution for cable sheath repair as well as repairs lead auxiliaries since it creates an air-tight, permanent bond. The tacky fiberglass reinforced material adheres both to itself and to Polyethylene or Lead. 

Applications : 

  • Strengthening old pipelines, power cables, jointing splices to wrap straight from the package
  • Suitable for Pressurized and non-pressurized cable
  • Suitable for Polyethylene or lead sheathed cable and All kinds of Pipes & Cable seals
  • Suitable for Corrosion Protection Applications 

TRANSEAL KC73 is an arc-resistant, anti- tracking self-fusing silicone rubber tape with a wide temperature tolerance of -50℃ to 250℃. It has various excellent electrical and physical properties in anti-tracking, arc-resistance and weather resistance, which can be applied through 15 kV for insulation and sealing for cable and can be used to re-enter connections. It also provides superior surface anti-tracking performance.

Applications :

  • For overlapping of High Voltage Termination against Arcing & Tracking
  • Suitable for submarine cables, large motors, sensors, motors, electrical connections in aircraft engines as well as insulation wrap electrical equipment
  • Applicable to protect terminals of high voltage cables from arc and emergence of tracking
  • It can also be used in polluted environment

TRANSEAL KC74 Vulcan 80 Weather Proof mastic tape is a new generation made from EPR and butyl rubber. Vulcan 80 is produced according to a new improved formula, which is a fusion of all Advice from the base station staff. It has the new characteristics of being light & thin and easy to be operated.

Applications : 

  • Use for insulating, filling and moisture sealing in splices of all  types of power cables and optical Telecommunication cables.
  • Use for insulation and moisture sealing irregular shaped bus bar bolted connections.
  • Use for moisture sealing high or low voltage junction boxes and irregular splices.
  • Moisture seal for power cable and wire connections.
  • Moisture seal for service drops.
  • Moisture seal for ground wire and rod connections.

TRANSEAL Heat Shrinkable Wrap-Around Sleeves are mainly used for repairing outer/inner sheath of cables. These sleeves are also used for providing corrosion protection to the matallic parts of the cables that are exposed to polluted environment and making telecommunication cable joints.

Applications : 

  • Suitable for Cable repair and splicing applications
  • Suitable for Insulating, Pressure & humidity-tight sheathings
  •  Suitable for cable joints & terminations

TRANSEAL Silicone Conductor Cover Sleeve provide high quality electrical insulation for substation leads and jumpers. These covers are made from a non-tracking silicone material that is suitable for medium voltage outdoor environments. Use silicone rubber material, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, with good resistance to corona resistance, high temperature performance, especially suitable for the protection of the bare wire. used in substation protection works and railway catenary system, a significant effect in the cross-lines

Applications : 

  • Suitable for protection of the bare wire
  • Suitable for protection of substation leads and jumpers
  • To provide an electrical insulation as an animal or bird guard for cross-arm mounting brackets