About Us

Rithvik Group has been in the business of Cable accessories and other insulation enhancement products related to Power distribution since 2005 as a distributor and super stockiest and from 2016 onwards in the helm of Design / Development, assembling and manufacturing of low and medium voltage Cable accessories and wiring harnesses connectors and accessories. Rithvik Electrik is a wholly owned Subsidiary of Rithvik Enterprises, Hyderabad  in India that designs, assembles tests and market quality  products to meet technical and functional specifications and exceed customer expectations related to Power distribution  and  networking utilities and organizations across all over India and other parts of the world. Our Designs and Development department is ceaselessly active in setting innovative materials and technologies with particular attention to the several market demands. Our reliability of the design and development of a wide range of joints and terminations for all the types of cables on the market, according to the IEC, IS,  IEEE and ASTM standards.  We have also started developing on highly accurate medium and high voltage insulated discharge rods, Active & Passive Lightning protection systems with specialized stainless steel towers for Onshore / Offshore projects.



Rithvik management system is certified ISO 9001:2015. Our Company cooperates since many years with several important Indian Organizations. During last 15 years Rithvik has gained deep experience in the market as a supplier of the most important Electric Utilities, for which it has developed and homologated specific proprietary solutions, with certified quality, compliant with the strictest international technical specifications.

Rithvik is the specialist for the electrical power cables accessories and is a long experienced reliable partner on the worldwide market. Thanks to its lean and efficient organization, its in-house design, manufacturing and testing facilities, and its long local and Global experience in electrical design and materials engineering, Rithvik Electrik offers customized proprietary solutions with the utmost level of technology and reliability.

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